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Company History

     In 1986 the company began.  At first it was my dad, myself, and a helper.
We had two wheel barrels and some shovels.  I was working at St. Louis County Water at night and working the business during the day.  This went on for several years until the business and County Water began to suffer.  I decided to make a go of the business.  At this time my annual sales were about $70,000.00.  I thought this was really doing well.  I began hiring more people and equipment.  The business began to grow.

     I incorporated in 1996 and grew the business some more.  We now have 16 employees, 8 trucks, 3 machines, and many different tools.  Our gross sales are over 1.5 million.  The company could be larger, but at this size I still have artistic and quality control.  I still work on projects as if they are at my own house.  I truly enjoy the business and I get up every morning with a smile.

~Jim Fritz

Fritz Stonework & Retaining Walls
3484 High Ridge Blvd, High Ridge MO 63049  Phone: 636-861-1530